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Tribal Fairy Tattoo Designs

Tribal Fairy tattoos are a tip of the hat to the tribal traditions of regions like Polynesia, Africa, and South America. While the exact meaning of the tribal patterns has been lost to time, for most persons, Tribal Fairy tattoo designs symbolize a connection to Nature, Ancestry, or a particular culture. In some cases (depending on the facial expression of the fairy), Tribal Fairy tattoos can signify Defiance and Rebellion. ...Continue Reading →

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blond fairy and red mushroom

ID: 1000500007

fairy with love bow

ID: 1000300022

fairy with beetle

ID: 1000300016

mystical fairy

ID: 1000300043

black & white fairy tattoo

ID: 1000500001

sitting fairy with long pink wings

ID: 1000500004

little wings fairy

ID: 1000300006

fairy with magic stick

ID: 1000300020

fairy baby

ID: 1000300011

cute blue eye fairy

ID: 1000300014

tribal fairy tattoo design

ID: 1000500003

pretty fairy

ID: 1000400009

fairy sittin on the moon with star

ID: 1000000150

tiny fairy sitting

ID: 1000300021

fairy with long wings

ID: 1000500005

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