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Tribal Fairy Tattoo Designs

Tribal Fairy tattoos are a tip of the hat to the tribal traditions of regions like Polynesia, Africa, and South America. While the exact meaning of the tribal patterns has been lost to time, for most persons, Tribal Fairy tattoo designs symbolize a connection to Nature, Ancestry, or a particular culture. In some cases (depending on the facial expression of the fairy), Tribal Fairy tattoos can signify Defiance and Rebellion. ...Continue Reading →

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colorful fairy flower

ID: 1000000023

beautiful fairy design

ID: 1000000062

black and white fairy

ID: 1000200003

green eyed fairy

ID: 1000000004

cute little fairy on shell

ID: 1000000008

fairy sitting on big mushroom

ID: 1000000049

simple fairy

ID: 1000000018

fairy sitting on a leaf

ID: 1000000053

green fairy and red mushrooms

ID: 1000100022

fairy sleeping on the moon

ID: 1000400006

yellow fairy flower with blue wings

ID: 1000000011

fairy with flowers

ID: 1000000028

blond fairy with blue wings

ID: 1000000031

fairy with long hair and boots

ID: 1000000022

sitting fairy

ID: 1000000077

fairy on mushroom

ID: 1000200012

cute red hair fairy sitting

ID: 1000000021

fairy sitting on flower

ID: 1000000029

fairy inside flower

ID: 1000000059

fairy flower

ID: 1000000060

small fairy holding a rose

ID: 1000000006

long hair fairy

ID: 1000000042

fairy sitting on flower

ID: 1000000065

fairy with long blue wings

ID: 1000100028

fairy phrase

ID: 1000000016

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