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Raven Tattoo Designs

Ravens or Crows are beings shrouded in an enigmatic cloak. They are a strange mix of contradictions, both a noble being and an evil doer in the same breath. The Raven is fiercely protective of its charges and never fails to keep a watchful eye on the world that it helped to create. In many legends, ravens bring light and ancient wisdom to the human world, but the animal is not above cheating, conniving, and manipulating everyone around it to its own advantage. No-one is safe from the animalīs unscrupulous acts, gods and mortals alike, and yet everyone is protected by the birdīs loving nature. Raven Tattoos represent its contradictory nature, Creation, Renewal, Transformation, and Protection. Most importantly, these designs are a tip of the hat to your astounding intelligence and cunning. ...Continue Reading →

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