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Leopard Tattoo Designs

Leopards are the smallest and the most elusive felines of the big cat family. They spend their days avoiding the public eye and their nights hunting unsuspecting prey. Humans have admired and respected the sheer strength and power of these noble creatures. Many indigenous cultures across Asia and Africa have beloved legends and folklore stories that pay homage to their beauty and gracefulness. These animals also feature in many world religious, including Christianity and Hinduism. A Leopard is often praised for its adaptability, intellect, and fierce fighting skill, but it has also earned a bad name as a being of deceit and fraud. Leopard Tattoos symbolize your connection to power and your ability to adapt and manipulate situations to your advantage. You are opportunistic and cunning, while maintaining a regal and mysterious presence. These tattoos express to the world that you enjoy a solitary life and despise the chaos of the daily Rat Race. ...Continue Reading →

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