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Gothic Fairy Tattoo Designs

These are sweet fairies with a gothic twist. Gothic Fairy tattoo designs often depict dark fairies with tortured expressions and Goth elements like skulls and blood. Gothic Fairy tattoos symbolize a loss of Innocence, Power, Rebellion, and Strength in the face of hardships. ...Continue Reading →

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pretty fairy dancing

ID: 1000000079

pretty green fairy with red hair

ID: 1000400005

fairy with green eyes

ID: 1000000015

simple fairy tattoo

ID: 1000000027

beautiful fairy with red wings

ID: 1000000066

little fairy with flower

ID: 1000100014

yellow fairy

ID: 1000100018

black fairy

ID: 1000100023

fairy ball

ID: 1000200013

blue fairy

ID: 1000100000

black tribal fairy

ID: 1000100004

beautiful gold fairy

ID: 1000100010

green fairy

ID: 1000100024

sitting fairy

ID: 1000000074

fairy tattoo

ID: 1000000009

little fairy

ID: 1000000024

dancing fairy with blue dress

ID: 1000000040

fantasy fairy

ID: 1000300025

black fairy

ID: 1000000073

black and white fairy

ID: 1000100011

sitting fairy

ID: 1000100013

fairy bee

ID: 1000300019

green naughty fairy

ID: 1000300034

sleeping fairy

ID: 1000300046

dancing fairy

ID: 1000300056

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