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Fairy Tattoo Designs

From the Latin word fata which means 'fate, fairies are a playful, feminine, magical creatures who are capable of granting wishes and desires. In Fairy tattoo designs, they are depicted in a variety of contexts, from mischievous spirits and children to seductive women. Fairies are less rebellious than pixies and symbolise Youth, Mischief, a connection to Nature, Grace, Beauty, Spirituality, and Freedom. Fairy tattoos can be brightly coloured or black and white. There are countless variations of Fairy tattoo designs, from Sexy Fairy tattoos to Gothic Fairies and Crying Fairies. ...Continue Reading →

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blue fairy magic

ID: 1000000038

sexy fairy tattoo

ID: 1000000055

flowers with fairy

ID: 1000100012

black fantasy fairy

ID: 1000100016

fantasy fairy

ID: 1000100025

sitting fairy

ID: 1000000080

cute fairy

ID: 1000200000

tribal fairy

ID: 1000200010

dancing fairy

ID: 1000000030

fantasy fairy

ID: 1000100015

fantasy fairy inside flower

ID: 1000100026

fairy fish

ID: 1000400007

fairy butterfly

ID: 1000000019

fairy tattoo

ID: 1000000044

fairy with flowers

ID: 1000000064

sitting fairy

ID: 1000000067

fairy playing the violin

ID: 1000200006

little fairy at the window

ID: 1000200008

sitting fairy

ID: 1000400002

beautiful fairy

ID: 1000400003

naughty fairy

ID: 1000400010

fairy inside flower

ID: 1000000045

fairy with green hair

ID: 1000000063

tiny fairy sitting

ID: 1000300023

small black fairy

ID: 1000000072

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