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Hummingbird Tattoos

No spring garden is complete without the buzz of a hummingbird's wings. With wing beats registering about eight times per second, these little birds are renowned for being energetic and passionate.

The Hummingbird has been a symbol of Life and Prosperity for many cultures. The Aztecs were known for making treasured talismans in the shape of a hummingbird, which were believed to endow the wearer with increased sexual prowess, greater talent, and a shot of energy - traits a warrior needs in a pinch.

The Hummingbird is an animal of Joy and Love. Commonly known as the Lovebird, the Hummingbird is the national bird of the island of Jamaica and is a popular icon throughout the Caribbean. In Mexico and parts of Peru, pre-Columbian societies like the Aztecs paid homage to the Hummingbird with a variety of ceremonies and renowned pieces of art. From high in the skies above the Nazca plains in Peru, you can still see the giant outlines of a beautiful hummingbird that was carved into stone by the Nazca people, a culture that predates even the ancient Incas.

Native American cultures like the Ojibwe and the Haida have stories that speak to the origin of the Hummingbird. One such legend states that these little buzzers were created by the Raven from beautiful flowers that blossomed in the spring. The Raven then bestowed onto its newest creation the ability to flutter around like "lambent sunlight through the leaves of the trees". In gratitude, the Hummingbird went to each flower, thanking it for its gifts of beauty and grace. This beautiful story befits the playful nature of this exquisite little bird.

The Meaning of Hummingbird Tattoos

Hummingbird Tattoos embody a number of traits, including:

  • Energy and Vitality
  • Agility
  • Renewal
  • Loyalty
  • Happiness ad a playful spirit
  • Passion
  • Love

Hummingbird Tattoo Variations

These designs are filled with color and highlight the vibrant spirit of the Hummingbird. Most will feature the bird in flight sipping nectar from a beautiful flower. Hummingbird Tattoos are usually designed to represent the spirit of the animal. Even designs that are traditionally tribal will have elements that play up the Hummingbird's jovial nature by positioning the animal in flight with a mass of beautiful, curling lines to represent its tail feathers.

Showing off your spunk and energetic spirit is easy with the perfect Hummingbird Tattoo. These designs are lively, so it pays to invest the time and energy needed to create a great design. What does your new tattoo symbolize? Where will you place it on your body? Need inspiration? Then take advantage of our Custom Design Service. Our team will be more than happy to help you create a truly beautiful piece.