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Goose Tattoos

The fairytales and lullabies spun by the fictional author, Mother Goose, have sparked more than just the active minds of enraptured children. Geese have a place of prominence in our collective cultural history.

In many ways, the bird is a symbol of Motherhood and Family, particularly in the Celtic tradition. They are extremely territorial and protective of their young and of other members of their flock. It is no wonder why farmers say that the best watchdogs aren't actually dogs, but geese. Given this background, no wonder Mother Goose tales became so unimaginably popular across the British Empire.

Geese are also renowned symbols of Loyalty and Friendship. During the bird's annual migration to warmer climes, it is a well-known fact that members of a flock will stick together even if one of the members is severely injured. Geese are known to keep vigilant eyes on their fallen comrades, a trait that has endeared them to devout Christians. In the Christian tradition, geese are emblems of Providence and Vigilance.

The Goose has also influenced many, sometimes curious superstitions. Would you rub goose droppings on your head to fill out a bald spot? If you would, then the belief that wolfing down a big goose dinner on Michealmas Day will set you up for a bit of prosperity and good fortune isn't far behind. Well, given today's economy, maybe this little tidbit isn't such a bad idea after all.

The Meaning of Goose Tattoos

Geese represent a variety of endearing traits, including:

  • Motherhood and Family
  • Loyalty
  • Bravery
  • Vigilance and Protection
  • Communication
  • Teamwork and Cooperation

Goose Tattoo Variations

When it comes to your Goose Tattoo, you may choose to play up the Mother Goose references or make your design have more of a religious feel. Most people tend to incorporate cartoon elements into their design as homage to their tender, motherly nature. For this reason, Goose Tattoos mainly appeal to women, especially those who have a few little ones nipping at their heels.

Being a proud Mama is nothing to sneeze at and many creative women love the idea of commemorating one of the crowning moments in their lives with a Goose Tattoo. What will the new tattoo will symbolize? Where will you place it on your body? Design elements? What is the deeper symbolism and spiritual significance of the design? When it comes to getting inked, sometimes the fear and mystery of the unknown can drive even the most logic-minded person bonkers and that is when the beast called the Tattoo Design Monster rears its ugly head. Your ink cannot be easily erased, so it pays to spend some time getting the design details right. Need inspiration? Then visit our Custom Design page and our team will be more than happy to keep the Tattoo Design Monster at bay.