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Footprint Tattoos

Getting a footprint tattoo is a great way to demonstrate where you've been in life, pay tribute to a child or other family member, or immortalize your favorite pet or animal. The design possibilities are almost endless, as are the ways in which you can personalize these designs to ensure that the meaning you want comes through.

One popular footprint tattoo is that of a baby's or child's footprint. This is great way to mark your child's birth or immortalize a child that has passed away. Parents often find that their children grow up too fast, so this tattoo can create a lasting memory of when they were newborns, placed in your arm for the very first time. These tattoos are great for moms, dads, even grandparents!

Getting a footprint tattoo of your pet dog or cat is another great choice when deciding on a tattoo design. Pets are just as much a part of a family as children are, so why not immortalize them in the same way? If you have (or had) multiple pets, you can even create a design that incorporates all of your pet's footprints, such as in a circle of footprints around your ankle or a series of footprints walking up your ribcage or other part of your body.

Another footprint tattoo to consider is that of the wolf. Many people feel a connection to this majestic and powerful animal because of its strength, beauty, and ability to operate both within a pack and as a 'lone wolf'. Getting a series of wolf footprints can demonstrate the path you have taken in life, and that you see the wolf's wisdom and fierceness reflected in your own personality.

If you are a practicing Buddhist or just have a high regard for the religion's teachings, getting a tattoo of Buddha's footprint is another great choice if you're interested in a footprints tattoo. This tattoo symbolizes Buddha's presence in his teachings, and reminds us of the fact that he, too, walked this earth.

Another great footprint tattoo that is easily customizable is a set of footprints in the sand. These footprints can have Christian connotations, as the image of footprints in the sand is mentioned in a poem which reminds readers of how God always walks beside them. Getting a set of footprints can also represent an individual's personal journey through life, or demonstrate that they are moving forward through a difficult time or situation.

The Meanings of Footprint Tattoos

The variety of different footprint tattoos allows for several different interpretations and meanings, all dependent upon the individual getting the tattoo. Here are a few common meanings for footprint tattoos, but you can create your own personal meaning when working on a design with your tattoo artist.

  • Homage to a pet
  • Celebration of your child
  • Representation of your spirit animal/animal guide
  • Strength and purpose
  • Journey
  • Moving forward
  • The teachings of Buddha
  • Christian faith

Footprint Tattoo Variations

Footprint tattoos are becoming increasingly popular among both men and women, but the inherent uniqueness in this type of tattoo means that you'll never have to worry about having the same tattoo as anyone else! Below are some of the most popular designs, as well as ideas for how to personalize them.

Baby Footprint Tattoo Designs

Getting a baby footprint is a great way to mark the occasion of your child's birth. Many hospitals will do an imprint of your baby's foot when he or she is born, so using this print as a template for your design is a great way to personalize your tattoo. If you have a few children, try to group the footprints of each child together, perhaps on your back or around your hip bones, to show their relationship to one another. You can also put your baby's name and birthdate around the tattoo to further personalize it. Another great design idea for getting a tattoo of your baby's footprints is to form them into a new image: for instance, place the right and left footprints next to each other to form butterfly wings. Making a butterfly design will allow you to add fun splashes of color to the footprints, which can be further reflective of your child's personality. If you have lost a child, you can use the same technique to create an angel's wings design. The footprints/angel wings can be colored in white or gold, and a halo can be placed above; adding your child's name and their birthdate are other great personal touches. This tattoo is an incredibly moving tribute to your child, and your child will always be with you through this image.

Dog Footprint Tattoo Designs

There are several different ways to make your dog footprint tattoo unique. One of the easiest ways to do this is to put your pet's name and/or birthday around the footprint, and a special message such as 'always in our hearts' can further personalize a footprint of a beloved pet which has passed away. Another great idea is to have an image of your pet within the footprint itself, but make sure you work with a tattoo artist who excels in portraiture as you want to have the most accurate image of your pet as possible.

Cat Footprint Tattoo Designs

Getting a cat footprint tattoo is a great way to pay homage to a favorite pet which has passed away, or just to demonstrate your love for your feline companion. You can personalize your pet's footprint by actually taking a print of the paw yourself, and then using that as the basis for your tattoo design. Better yet, take prints of all four of its paws and create a series of footprints on your body, whether you have them in a circle around your ankle or in a pattern behind your ear.

Wolf Footprint Tattoo Designs

A wolf footprint tattoo will demonstrate your spiritual connection to this intelligent hunter, and there are several ways to personalize this image to reflect the meaning that is most important to you. For instance, if you consider yourself to be a 'lone wolf', consider getting a solitary wolf footprint. Another way to personalize the wolf footprint is to have an image of a wolf contained within the footprint itself; this way, everyone will recognize what animal your footprint tattoo represents.

Buddha's Footprint Tattoo Designs

Tattooing Buddha's footprint onto your body is a fantastic way to always keep this spiritual leader in your mind and to remind yourself to always follow in his footsteps. This tattoo is representative of Buddha's time on earth, and incorporating some of his teachings into your tattoo can help personalize the meaning. For instance, placing the dharma wheel (representative of perfection, mindfulness, and moral discipline) in the sole of the footprint will help you focus on practicing these central Buddhist tenets in your everyday life.

Footprints in the Sand

The 'footprints in the sand' tattoo is popular among Christians, as the two sets of footprints are representative of how God is always walking with them with one set of footprints demonstrating that God carries them through the most challenging parts of life. Using lines from the poem 'Footprints in the Sand' can help further personalize your tattoo, and the phrase that you pick out can reflect what you believe to be the most important message in the poem. For instance, the line "It was then that I carried you" represents how God can carry people through tough times, and the line "You'd walk with me all the way" demonstrates that God is with individuals every step of the way through life.

Footprint tattoos are perfect for men or women, and are especially meaningful for parents or those who have gone through a particularly difficult journey in life. These tattoos can be personalized in several different ways, and are great at reflecting an individual's past experiences, spirituality, or the important connections they've made in life. For custom design of a footprinf, you can check our Custom Tattoo Page.