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Elephant Tattoos

Anyone who has seen these majestic creatures can attest to their awe-inspiring presence. Elephants are most often associated with Prosperity and are thought to be the embodiment of the Gods in the Asian culture. The Hindu god of Success, Ganesha, is depicted with the head of an elephant and the image of an elephant with its trunk upturned is a sign of Good Luck.

Elephants form tight knit family groups that are lead by the eldest female. The matriarch is charged with the duty of keeping the herd out of harm's way and leading it to new sources of food and water. These animals are thought to have excellent memories and are great problem solvers, which accounts for why we often view elephants as symbols of Family, Community, Wisdom, and Intelligence.

The Meaning of Elephant Tattoos

Elephant tattoos are popular among persons who readily connect with the animal's significance and role in Nature. For them, it's much more than the aesthetics of the tattoo; it's about the bond with Mother Earth. Elephants are thought to embody a plethora of traits, including:

  • Power
  • Strength
  • Patience
  • Honour
  • Ancestral lines (Memory) and Family
  • Dignity
  • Intelligence
  • Longevity
  • Prosperity and Luck
  • Spirituality

Elephant Tattoo Variations

Elephant tattoos come in a range of colours and design features, which, depending on the elements incorporated into the tattoo, can vary the meaning of each piece. Popular Elephant Tattoo Variations include:

Pink Elephant Tattoos

If you are 'seeing a pink elephant', then you've probably had a great night on the town. The term was first used by American author Jack London in his novel John Barleycorn (1913) to describe hallucinating after a drinking binge.

"the man...who sees, in the extremity of his ecstasy, blue mice and pink elephants." Even the beloved Disney character Dumbo saw a parade of pink elephants after drinking water that was spiked with champagne. A Pink Elephant tattoo pays homage to your inner party animal.

Tribal Elephant Tattoos

The most popular tribal patterns originate from Polynesian, Native American, and Haida traditions, but these beautiful designs can come from any number of cultures worldwide. The exact meaning of each pattern has been lost to time, but generally Tribal Elephant tattoos symbolize a link to Nature.

Dali Elephant Tattoos

A Dali Elephant is the work of eccentric Spanish surrealist Salvador Dali, who was known for juxtaposing contrasting images (an elephant being supported with spider-thin legs). The image first appeared in his piece Dream Caused by the Flight of a Bumblebee around a Pomegranate a Second before Awakening (1944) and was incorporated into several of his later works. While the Dali Elephant is thought to represent masculine features, the exact meaning of the symbol is left to interpretation. For some, it embodies man's impossible attempts to support his desires; for others, it just looks cool.

Cartoon Elephant Tattoos

Most Elephant tattoos feature elements that symbolize Innocence and Curiosity. They are fond reminders of childhood and often incorporate beloved characters, like Dumbo. Persons who wear Cartoon Elephant tattoos are recapturing the joys of Youth.

5 Best Sources For a Perfect Elephant Tattoo:

Are you looking for the Perfect Elephant tattoo design? The best tattoo designs are those that have special meaning to you! When choosing the right tattoo for you, think about where you intend to place it on your body. Will you combine it with other elements or let it stand on its own?

Remember that the choices can be confusing and it is not easy to decide which idea is the most suitable for your Permenent design. There are many different sources on the internet to get some inspiration for your next Elephant design. To help you make the best choice, we have listed and reviewed the most popular among them.

Sit back, Relax and Take your time to find some nice unique ideas (This process may take days, months or even years!).

Source 1: Custom Design Service

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Source 2: Free Search Engines & Networks

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Take a look at some nice designs we have found:

Source 3: Online Collections

Here are the best three websites that provides visible collection of tattoo designs with their stencils.
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