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Bird-of-Paradise Tattoos

Birds-of-Paradise are undeniably beautiful; they are the divas of the avian world with even more spunk and flare than the popular peacock.

Native to Papua, New Guinea, these cousins of crows and mockingbirds are revered by native groups for their bright plumage. In fact, their beauty is so renowned, that throughout much of the 19th century, birds-of-paradise were hunted to the verge of extinction. Thankfully, due to the tireless efforts of conservationists in Papua and all around the world, these birds are springing back from the edge of oblivion.

Their name, bolon diuata, translates to "birds of God" and the feathers of a bird-of-paradise are frequently used in tribal rituals to evoke the spirits of the ancestors. When Europeans first caught sight of these animals, they likened them to the mythical Phoenix. This image has stuck with us to this day, accounting for why there is an air of power and dominance in many Bird-of-Paradise tattoos. The designs often feature the avian taking flight, spreading its gloriously colorful wings to their fullest expanse.  

The Meaning of Bird-of-Paradise Tattoos

These little creatures are admired for their unique attributes:

  • Exotic Beauty
  • Elegance and Grace
  • Spirituality and a strong bond with your ancestors
  • Inner resolve and Perseverance

Bird-of-Paradise Tattoo Variations

These designs can be placed on any part that best accentuates the lines of your body. Most popular spots include the shoulders, upper back, thighs, or parts that allow you to display the full plumage and rare beauty of the design. Like the animal, Bird-of-Paradise Tattoos are bright, bold, colourful, and are not for the shy. With the fluid, smooth lines and vibrant colors, they are attention grabbers that speak more to fashion and flash, than to subtle, quiet function, and are designed for anyone who wants to stand out.

You do not have to have a peacock personality to show off your beautiful attributes. A Bird-of-Paradise Tattoo lets the world know that you are not shy and inhibited. These designs feature an eye catching play of colors, curves, and shapes, so it is best to work out what angles and planes will make the tattoo pop on your skin. This can be tricky to do, but with the help of our artists, you can truly create a masterpiece. We offer a unique Custom Design Service that can take your body art to an otherworldly level. Just swing by and we will be more than happy to help.


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