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About us

Who Are We?

iTattooDesigns was co-founded in 2011.
The goal was to create a modern, new-looking tattoo website with advanced features, which no other tattoo website offers today, so that you and others can better enjoy the process of finding your dream tattoo.

Why should you buy a tattoo design from iTattooDesigns.com?

1. Quality - unlike other tattoo websites, in iTattooDesigns.com you can see that the displayed tattoos are chosen very carefully and will always be of high quality and only professional.

All designs sold on iTattooDesigns.com are designed by top artists from all over the world according to very special research our team has conducted about which kind of tattoos people from all over the world are looking for.

2. Search Engine - iTattooDesigns.com programmers have developed the most advanced search engine, more so than any other tattoo websites, for finding tattoos. Using some smart proprietary algorithms, you will get the most EXACT results possible for your search.

3. Custom Designs - One of our goals is to do anything we can in order to help you get the exact tattoo you have in mind. Because there are infinite tattoo design possibilities, you may not find the particular design or tattoo idea you want. To solve this we offer FREE custom tattoo design service. iTattooDesigns.com is the first and probably the only(!) tattoo website which offers this service. Enter our custom tattoo designs page, send a request and our team will do their utmost to give you the best designs.

Please feel free to ask, recommend, suggest, complain or just share your feelings by contacting us.

We hope you enjoy iTattooDesigns and its new features.

iTattooDesigns team.