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Can I change the size of my tattoo design?

Yes you can. All of the designs displayed at iTattooDesigns are scanned at high resolutions, giving you the most flexibility possible for resizing them with your computer or at your tattooist. In addition, your tattooist is used to resizing tattoos (it is actually a part of their job), and because of the high resolution used, resizing to your desired size will be very simple for them. It is best to consult with your tattooist before deciding on any changes

Can you mail me the design I purchased?

Unfortunately, we do not make deliveries at this point.
You can download the design you purchase through your account and get it printed anywhere you like.

Does it matter on which kind of paper I print my design?

NO. you can print your design on any kind of paper.

Do you offer shipping services?

Unfortunately, we do not make deliveries at this point.

Can you create a custom tattoo design for me?

YES. We offer this service for FREE. Visit our custom tattoo designs service for more details.

Why do I need both the reference and the stencil?

Every tattoo design you download includes a matching stencil. Your tattooist must have both stencil and the original tattoo you downloaded. Do not forget your stencil when you get your tattoo inked.

What is 'my whishlist' and how do I use it?

When you browse through the web site to choose a design, you may encounter many designs you like. You can add the designs you like to 'my whishlist' in order to decide later on which designs you most prefer out of all your choices. Just click on the little icon near the tattoo, and the tattoo will appear at the bottom on your 'my whishlist' bar. At any point you can save your whishlist tattoos, and enter your account to compare your choices before choosing your perfect tattoo. If you leave the web site, without saving your 'my whishlist', and return later, your designs will be still be displayed on your 'my whishlist', ONLY if your cookies are enabled.

What is iTattooDesigns.com's Return/Exchange Policy?

Any tattoo you purchase from iTattooDesigns.com is non-refundable and cannot be exchaned.

How do I easily search and find a tattoo i want?

We have a search engine and popular tattoo categories on every page. The more specific your search is, the greater your chance is of getting an exact result. The reason for this is some smart proprietary algorithms upon which our search engine is based.

After searching you have 2 main options of further improving results: 1. You can sort your results by adding keywords to the box on the left side screen. Adding keywords like colors will really help you find what you are looking for.
2. Click on one or more of the options in 'related searches' if you see something that matches the idea you have in mind. We are constantly working on reaching a larger tattoo designs stock. If you do not find your desired tattoo, visit our FREE custom tattoo designs service.

I want to get a tattoo, but don't really know which kind. What should I do?

For a start, visit our tattoo ideas page, you will get many cool idead you haven't thought about yet.
A second option is to type in our search engine phrases like: 'cool tattoo design', 'beautiful tattoo designs', 'awesome tattoo designs', etc... You will get amazing results!

What Rights do I have to the designs I purchased?

You have the right to use the design you purchased for your personal use. We assume you will get the design tattooed on your body. You can not resell the design or use the design for any commercial purpose. Reselling the designs would be in violation of U.S. and International copyright law. visit our terms and conditions for further information.

If you have any other question feel free to contact us.